How to Train your Dragon The Lost World

I recently saw the third and final movie of the How to Train your Dragon trilogy. Ever since the first one came out I instantly was a fan. From the story of the loser of Berk becoming the hero, to the absolutely fantastic soundtrack, I loved every aspect of it. Each segment of the trilogy has a very powerful implicit meaning behind it. In the first movie we see the small, weak son of Stoick the Vast, the Chief of Berk, go from being the loser of the village to the one who changed everything. Showing that not only is there more in us than we think and, than others think, but one person no matter how insignificant you may think they are, can really make a difference.

The Second film we face the problem of Drago, a ruthless Viking who is looking to put together a dragon army so that he can take over the world and rule by fear. The big message in this one was Drago ruled by force and fear through the evil alpha dragon controlling all other dragons. But the big message at the end was that loyalty does not lie in fear, but rather is gained through love and respect which Hiccup proved to Drago. This was very important for this segment of the trilogy because Toothless became the alpha for all dragons, and because Stoick tragically died, Hiccup became the new chief of Berk.

The third and final film gave you the same feeling that Toy Story 3 did. Just an absolutely perfect ending to a great set of films. Couldn’t have ended any better than it did. It left you so satisfied your torn between wanting them to make more and wanting them to leave it how it is out of fear of not living up to how good it ended. We face an even greater threat in this final edition. Instead of a Viking looking to build a dragon army, we face the threat of Grimmel, a night fury hunter who is not looking to build a dragon army but instead is looking to eliminate all dragons in general.

This is where we really start to see the character development in Hiccup as now he’s the new Chief of Berk and this is the first real threat he’s facing as Chief. He didn’t want to be Chief in the first place and throughout the movie we see the internal struggle that he faces as he’s trying to outsmart Grimmel, find a safe place for his village and also the dragons, and adjust to the new responsibilities that come with Chiefhood. DreamWorks did a remarkable job at their character development with Hiccup and Toothless. Toothless doesn’t even seem like a dragon a lot of the time cause you’ve just grown so attached to both of them throughout the movies. At the end of the final film near the 3rd act Hiccup finds a sanctuary of dragons where they can be kept safe and sends all the dragons there until Vikings and dragons can live together in piece once again. For the final image we get a flash forward of Hiccup and his 2 kids sailing to find Toothless after so many years. In the back of our minds we all want them to find Toothless and have a happy reunion, and boy they do not disappoint. We find toothless with a few kids of his own and they all go flying again and it’s leaves you 100% satisfied with how it ends. Great movie!