For those of you who have little brothers you’ll know what I’m talking about in the next few paragraphs and for those who don’t, I do not envy you. Little brothers are the best. My little brother is my best friend. Growing up was not the best on our relationship for sure. Neither one of us knew how to solve conflict and so we would just fight it out. But as we both matured we started to bond over our similarities. We both loved dirt bikes, movies, talked about girls together, we would come into each others rooms late at night to wake the other one up to show them a stupid meme you just found. You play pranks on each other like farting and shoving them under the blanket so they can’t get out. Little brothers will always be there for you when you need to talk and they will always be looking up to you as an example. For those who don’t have one, I hope you can find someone who can compare because they are a joy to have.