My favorite part of dirt bikes

I Love Dirt Bikes. I grew up just playing your regular sports and I was actually quite good. I made it on to the varsity lacrosse team for my high school when I was only a freshman. That didn’t last long though because quite honestly I hated going to practice. I had other things I would rather be doing and so when I hit junior year I quit lacrosse and bought myself something I’ve always wanted…a dirt bike! It took me a while to really start enjoying everything it had to offer because when you’re riding with people who have been riding dirt bikes their whole lives it’s quite intimidating and you get real discouraged, but I was able to stick it out and it’s my new favorite pass time. My favorite part of riding dirt bikes has got to be when you show up to the mountains early in the morning with some of your best friends, the brisk morning air is tickling your ears telling you to put on your helmet and get riding to warm yourself up. As your zipping up the trail, you and your buds are trying to be the ones in front and always trying to pass each other. The suns not even up yet which is good cause we’re trying to make it to the top before it rises. As we hit the top of the peak we’re all in a line next to each other as we watch the sun rise over the mountain top, illuminating everything in sight. You get the fresh scent of the mountain air mixed with the smell of gas fumes from your bike. It’s an experience I hope to continue to have throughout my life for as long as I can.