What’s more important at work?

What’s more important at work? The amount of money you make? the people you work with? The work you’re actually doing? I guess it all depends on ones perspective wouldn’t it? Or maybe not on ones perspective but more so on the values and priorities of ones life. For me, I have really come to learn that the people you work with can make or break the job you’re working at. I used to be an electrical apprentice for a very big company in Utah. I absolutely loved the work. I love working with my hands and seeing how things can come together. It was a great job. The only problem was the people I worked with. They were great guys but quite honestly I don’t want to be talking about sex, drugs, and video games day in and day out. I just felt like I couldn’t have a wholesome conversation with anyone and it was really starting to wear me down and I was not enjoying work the way I had when I first began. Comparatively, I worked at another job doing asphalt. Asphalt is hot dirty work and I did not enjoy that as much, but I worked with some of my best friends during those summers and I have some of my fondest memories and the work was fun when I was working with them. So that’s my goal now going through school is to make sure I’m going into a job with people I can connect with, communicate with, and hang out with even after work. Cause I believe your co-workers should be some of your best friends. After all, you’re spending more time with them than anyone else.