So I haven’t been a medium member very long. In fact I’ve only had it for about 3–4 months and it’s been a wonderful thing to be apart of truly. I have never really been into blogging or ever been into reading other peoples blogs until I did get a medium and then I just started exploring all the different topics I could.

I tend to lean towards all the self help articles. I read a lot about how to better manage your time. I always read the “5 ways on how to improve…” articles cause I’m just interested in the suggestions that they have for their readers. Obviously if they’re writing about it it’s worked for them, so why not give it a try because they really are just simple things you can do every day. And if it doesn’t work. . . no worries! No harm done.

Now on the other hand you have a whole other side to medium of those people who are writing all about the complete opposite. “Stop all these self improvement techniques! They don’t work!” “Don’t do that! Try this!” It’s all a big battle of what will really help you in the long run! They argue that none of these self help strategies work and that they just cause more problems in the end.

I love reading both to be honest. I think it’s funny seeing the battle of opinions. One group is super optimistic about life while the others are maybe a bit more pessimistic or they’re classified more as realists. Either way I tend to lean more towards being an optimistic individual. I like looking on the bright side of things and thinking that the world is better than it probably is and that all these self help articles really do help.

Between both groups of people though I think each have valid arguments. Everything I’ve read about self help, there’s been stuff that has been great advice that has worked, and then there’s been other suggestions that have been total crap and is just not for me. But that’s the key to it all. It’s not that this advice wont work for anyone! It’s just that’s all it is, is advice and suggestions. Of course it’s not going to work for everyone because everyone works different, has different life styles and schedules, and some things work better for some, than it does for others.

No need to criticize the suggestions of people who are sharing something that have helped them in their own lives. Because like I said if they’re writing about it, then obviously it’s worked for them. If you have other suggestions that work better for you, then write about it and share that those have worked for you!

Who’s really right? BOTH! Find what works best for you and you will be right.